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i thought its an interesting phenomena that some types watch news and others dont. some read theory, some make it themselves. so who are you?

i, am:
someone who learns by analyzing others. this allows me to create an elaborate map of the complete globe, how every country functions, how people think differently in them, and how, no matter what we do, even if we become as succesful as hitler, it has absolutely no impact on the way things go. since things wouldve anyways gone something like that, and will go like that as long as humans exist. appearances change, but humanity is essentially always humanity.

i never watch news, since i cant see any relevant information there. but i think its interesting to know about major events like snowden, since it gives me an insight how governonments function and how people are trying to change things for better.

i like to analyze why people think the way they do, why they formed the opinions they have, and how i can use the information i learn to create a better map of humanity.

i also like theories such as socionics, enneagram and instincts. its indefinitely usefull, but i realize, i really learn from analyzing experience, not from studying. studying just makes my head all chaotic, since everything seems possible in theory, and nothing makes sense, thus i lose connection to reality when i do too much of theory..

howbout you?
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