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When an INTJ regenerates Ni

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Some of you may remember one of my recent posts (When an INTJ loses Ni). I have done what many of you people that replied suggested, and it worked very well. No longer are obsessive thoughts ruling my mind, and I am very thankful. I simply needed to... escape, as you all implied.

I'm surprised that in such short time all the dramatic changes before me occured so fast. This really isn't a question thread more like a confirmation notice. From first hand experience I now know that in all the world of how stress is perceived, that is one's preferences refer to that of an INTJ their only way out is to be alone is absolute silent solitude.

Meditation helped a lot! I couldn't believe it. I never really lossed Ni either, I don't really know how to explain what was going on then and I suppose it doesn't matter, the point is that I just move on and back to my intellectual superiority.

To all PerC members: Thanks for the assistance during my troubled time, and mostly thanks for simply being here(so I don't feel like the only expert).

And remember folks... "Talent is created." - Garet Snyder
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