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When Ideas Breed Like Rabbits

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While some people here are experiencing writer's block, I'm experiencing an inundation of ideas. They come so quickly it requires reasonable amounts of energy to keep up with them.

  • Do you ever experience this?
  • How do you keep up when it happens?

I try to dictate them sometimes, but then I need a pocket of time where there are no ideas to focus on the recordings. I wonder what is causing this bubble. It might be healthier living and better sleep. Creativity may breed creativity. I also experience a desire to make all the ideas happen at once (only because new ones will soon take their place) as the more experiments are done, the more I can find out what works.

What do you do when you have idea overload?
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Oh, yeah. Sometimes.

I don't know if I can call them ideas but these thoughts, they are like bubbles floating in my mind. They come and go so quick that I cannot remember them and they just fuse into each other and make no sense sometimes. I want to jot them down because I fear I won't remember them and some of them are just so awesome but alas, I end up forgetting. My memory sucks, it remembers the most trivial of things!
What do you do when you have idea overload?
Try free writing, stream-of-consciousness. I do this all the time. I actually use pencils and a paper notebook because the physical act of writing it by hand seems to help crystalize my thinking. I can purge the manic thoughts and hear the music underneath.
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I write them down and look at them a week later. Most of the time these ideas are just unworkable when reviewed a second time but a few do make it. I then tell my ideas to people that can actually executed them lol.
I need to start writing stuff down.
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