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I have a variety of dynamics with female ENFPs- often I like their lack of filter, and willingness to talk about anything, I love those types of ENFPs.. They're far more common with females because us guys tend to get punished more heavily and therefore we are forced to develop more of a filter.

However, not talking about those today- I've noticed when I'm acting unusually anti-social for whatever reason (there are good reasons sometimes), that ENFP women sometimes (I can only think of 3-4 solid examples in my life ever, but it is something I've noticed) will sort of pursue me, whether it is with a romantic connotation or not.. The only thing I can relate it to.. is... well... my own behaviour around introverts I want to get to know. Once they interact with me a bit more, it becomes clear that I'm an extrovert.. Well we still get along the same, but there's a distinct change in vibe, as if the motivation is different. The comfort level changes, and they erect the walls which they were so willing to ignore before.

Being an ENFP myself, putting the pieces together, I'm pretty sure they thought I was an INFP (even if they don't know about mbti types, they thought I was a certain type of person which I wasn't). I just want to get some confirmation from female ENFPs, and just perspective in general- my intuition tells me I'm right on this one for sure.
Without taking this the wrong way I would concede to the fact out of the posts I have witnessed, you're a catch. Your personality would be coveted but a lot of females.

I've already mentioned in a dating thread about what ENFP would people date from this site, I listed your name among others as an inherent find. I sincerely believe that. I did, however, register on that same post why I would never act on it. Your age is vastly distinct than mine and I'm in a really exceptional relationship that I treasure. With that said, you come across educated and very mature. I wouldn't doubt any female would not want to attempt to date you if given the chance and right circumstance. Again, you're a wondrous partner. I think you gathered my attention when I first came to this site with your post about understanding Fi for us.

Repeatedly, I never acted on the appeal because of your very younger age and you were an ENFP. I believe at the time my husband hadn't even started to try to date me so I was single. With that said, as a female ENFP, you certainly caught my eye. Sorry about the lack of filter. There have been times when I've speculated on dating an ENFP. I've just never met one in Real Life. Maybe my brother-in-law's new GF is an ENFP but she would be the first EVER. She's 18 so I recognize a lot of myself in her.

Though I do act like an ambivert as well. Sometimes people can confuse me with an introvert and sometimes I'm a clear extrovert. Of course, now that I'm in a solid relationship I can actually candidly tell you all this without my Fi causing me issues. I'm not sure if I thought you were another type. I just thought wow he really has an amazing intelligent appearance that comes off calm.

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