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when the pendulum swings once again
by candace lynn glisson


caught between fear and uncertainty
a pendulum swings out of control
my stifled emotions lay hidden inside
but tighten your grip i implore

you're loved and you're often remembered
you're worth so much more than you know
words can never describe all the pain that i'll feel
if your darkness wins over your soul

to the young one who lost all his hope years ago
to the one who remembered me, lived
to the one had his heart crushed again and again
still holding me, still tentative

to the one who has faded away from my view
and whose fate i may never surmise
to the one years ago still remains in my sight
and the one who lost under my eyes

i'm sorry my light doesn't shine for you more
i'm sorry you're trapped in your pain
if i had one wish i would take it within
let your freedom and happiness reign

my heart weighs so heavily, shrouded in dark
a comfort, a curse, worn and frayed
i know hope is hard to keep within reach
it slips even my grip these days

the pendulum swings though my hope is alive
it falls sending everything down
uncontrollable, heavy, it threatens to throw me
to fall through the darkness alone

i'll never give up and i wish i could show
the desire to live and to thrive
keep you close and protected, happy and free
make you joyful to still be alive

yet it's never so simple i'm sorry to say
and i know i'm not always enough
to inspire you, comfort you, carry you through
to hold you when life becomes tough

but if my voice reaches when you are in need
if my love can balance your pain
then i'll have the strength to secure my own grip
when the pendulum swings once again
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