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When you get a headache does it affect your motivation or thinking?

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If you dont want to read the HUGE explaination then skip to the bottom.

I guess i can explain this with what happened today. Same thing that usually happens.

I wake up, happy and thinking good. Usually my day is good until my mother starts ranting. I mean she wants everything bloody clean and i mean so clean that it is unnecessarily that it is to be done at the time. Like with the front lawn it isnt that big atm except near the back of the parked cars so there is no need to do the entire lawn. But she wants it done straight away.

Now i get to the part that pisses me off quickly. The way she tells people things. As i understand INTJ's need space and such. But her dam voice literally is loud, sharp and sometimes high pitched. She delivers instructions in a very repetitive way with her loud, sharp voice saying to do this and then do that, relaying every little god dam instruction. Like a normal person would ask you to wash the dishes. What she does is try to command you to do it.

Normal person: "Can you wash the dishes sometime before you go to bed" (I dont know if this is completely normal but its what i would prefer.)

My Mother: (By the way i never get notice if its my turn or not as we dont use a set schedule for my house and she barges in my room usually when im doing something to "de-stress" with this loud, sharp voice and i mean she doesnt even knock and im not allowed a lock on my door.) "You got dishes tonight and i want them started right now. You are to wipe down the tables with a cloth, use detergent in the sink while washing, take out the rubbish, squash the bottles and check all the rooms for plates and glasses."

Now ill clarify this a tad bit. In my house "Wash the dishes" means alll of this above. I know this. My dad know's this. So do my brothers and sisters but my god all she has to do is say wash the dishes and i do the rest of this but no. Every god dam time she puts it into detail that i already known for bloody years. She wont stop when asked and wants everyone to drop what there doing to do her chores instantly.

So yeah basically after a day filled with crap like this i cant think and anything that i wanted to get done i have to put it aside to do other things like videogames because i cant think. Right now im trying to get into physics or i may drop it to learn C++ but i cant think on these things after having her voice in my ear.

So does anyone else have thinking/concentration/motivational issues after a day of crap? And any ideas to get rid of headaches quickly because i hear her voice every 30 minutes. 5 minutes actually if she isn't studying.
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no. but i get headaches usually during the evening. it ignore it.
the best way to relieve myself is through masturbation, a joint, exercise, hanging out with my mate, going out for a walk, or sitting in a quiet place, just thinking, if all fail to succeed, a sufficient 15-45 min nap.

tell your mother that if she clearly wants these things done, she has two hands, she can do them herself.
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