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Im full of questions today aren't I! Must be my lil curious enfp mind....

Anyway, fella's...if you're not interested in seeing someone anymore and they try to initate contact would you:
a) ignore them completely
b) keep putting them off and hope they get the hint
c) tell them straight

Curious, as someone is not being straight with me. We only dated a few months then I broke it off with him as had a pretty turbulant time coming up and knew i'd be a mess and didn't really want to put that on him or infact, let him witness my dark side, knowing he's sensitive...strangely, he shared a dark secret with me right near the beginning (i was gobsmacked and really happy he trusted me with it), a couple of times also asked my opinion on a couple of important, body issues etc....

Anyway, yes....what would you do?
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