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Stasii wrote> Hellooo

Thought it could be fun to hear a little more about you guys in here, and know where you are from?

I'm born and living in Denmark, but I have both danish, german, russian and ukrainian blood in me, as my mother is russian/ukrainian.

I'm speaking danish as my first language, but also speak english and russian. Learning german right now too.

Your turn :D

No one claims our region; it's in The United States:

Not midwest; not east coast, according to cookbooks and other sources, we're just our own special place.

I grew up here, raised by a variety of parents and authority figures, especially those from the hills of Kentucky, shanties in West Virginia and farms in Tennessee.

My roots are in Germany, France, Ireland and back to Kentucky: Cherokee Indian.

I've lived in several states across The U.S.; my favorite was California--the southern part.

I melt in my own pot whatever is available and make it nourishing as I can--not just for myself but for others.
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