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I feel like Ive lost myself, in fact I don't know if ive ever actually found myself.....Im hoping and praying my fellow ENFP will know what Im on about because sometimes I bring this up with close friends and they just don't 'get' it - Or they don't understand how deep I'm going with it and give some answer which skims the surface of what i'm trying to find out....

I think its about self discovery...But im so fustrated with trying to figure myself out, im comfortable with who I am, sng mother of two especially beautiful children, lovely person on the outside, but deep down im so unfufilled and i just don't know why, I don't feel like I know who I am. I've read alot of books on personality, life coaching, emotional intelligence, they're good but something isn't clicking.

Am I just reading to much into it and should I just take life as it comes? In that case, I start to look at what my purpose here is....It isn't too mother my children to the best of my ability, it isn't to make others happy. hePerhaps it is to know thyself lol! << Trying to keep this semi-light hearted with my little lol there :)

I feel like I need to travel and see parts of the world I have always wanted to see. I've always wanted to climb Mt Kilamajaro, since I was little, I don't know why, but I feel like I might find myself up there...does that make sense?

Finally, I always seem to seek validation/clarification from others influential in my life (fellow ENFPers included there) to justify my thoughts or to tell me that I make sense....Like i need to know im understood because if im not understand or its doesn't make sense, then its wrong....because I just don't know....Its a reoccuring theme with me.

Despite how sad this all sounds I am the happy go smilie girl I always am but deep deep down, this is there knawing away at me...It makes the very inside of me cry, I dont know who i am :crying:
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