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I'll reinterpret and pretend you were asking what specifically I want in my future. No way I'm speaking for all 6's.

I'm working towards a Mechanical Engineering degree, which I hope to use to develop and improve technology. Energy technology like solar and wind seem really interesting, but there are tons of other possibilities. I'm really interested in actually developing technology, not so much managing an engineering firm. I'd rather be either the person to actually do the gritty work of putting everything together or someone working just a little bit higher up on the design process. A project manager wouldn't be bad either. I just know I actually want to make things. As for my personal life, I want to learn at least two more instruments (probably string instruments) to add to my piano proficiency and produce music of some kind. Other than that, I mostly just care about stability. Maybe children could come down the line but I'd want to make sure I'm financially secure and am in a place during my life that would allow me to actually be a good parent.
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