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Where do you go from here?

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Each enneagram type seems to have a tangible path when it comes to growth, they all have a sense of what exactly it is they want from life. 3s want success, 2s want to be charitable, 7s want to have fun, 4s want to be unique, etc., and their respective paths of growth all seem to help them reach these goals in a productive manner.

However with healthy 6s, I don't feel like there is an actual goal. There isn't a specific career path or type of person that really comes to mind, and that brings me even more anxiety. A healthy 4 naturally becomes an artist, a 3 naturally becomes a lawyer, a healthy 5 naturally becomes a scientist or archeologist, but what's a 6 supposed to become?

I'm aware of what I've wanted to become, but now I've come to question it after realizing that it's a reaction to uncertainty and fear, and now I don't know what I truly want out of life, or what I'm supposed to be doing.
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I'm puzzled by the idea that the enneagram would translate to career like the OP suggests. Where does this idea come from?
For a minute I thought I remembered that thread, but it turns out I remembered another similar one:

And my response was


Yeah, pretty much that.


Edited to add: Apparently I had a follow up comment as well in which I did suggest a possible career for 6s:

I do, however, wonder if we would do well in something like international espionage

It's probably an internet thing. I'd be surprised if credible authors suggested careers like this, though some have probably said which careers are "commonly 6ish."
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