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We are the young. We all search for magic. We call it happiness, but the truth is, that it's magic. We're not talking about the ordinary good mood, things working out as they were planned, or even the steady calmness that comes from smoking a bowl of weed after a long day. We're talking about the full emptiness of time and space, far from being dominated by our thoughts or the complaints of our bodies or the fear of what others think. We're talking about transcendence, being one with the stars in the sky and the people on the earth, whole at last.

And we all search for magic in different ways. We decide consciously to go on the search, and our decision to search means that nothing will be found. We search for partners or jobs and feel disappointed when they don't give us everything we want. We go on vacations or roadtrips or hikes and find that bliss, but it only lasts for a short time. We buy the latest technology and the most fashionable clothing and the cosmetics that can cover up our insecurities. We read self-help books or articles or websites to give us the initial rush of motivation we need to ask someone out, finish a project, or even help us get through the day. And some of us do drugs for basically the same reason as reading self-help books.

Maybe we're all going at it the wrong way. Maybe life is meant to be mostly ordinary, a bit mundane, with papers written, houses built, and cakes baked. There's always some tragedy at the beginning and at the end, hopes not fulfilled, lives not lived. But when we stop consciously striving to be perfect or whole, it's easier to see everything for what it truly is. It's easier to see the flaws in the people we admire and the virtues of the people we hate. It's easier to help someone without shame or blame. It's easier to do the work that we know we have to do.

Transcendence finds us when we stop looking.
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