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I think I might have to let go.
I have a bunch of academic stuff that I need to be doing in the next three months, as well as a job and preparations for studying abroad and just life in general. I decided to start this because I was curious about if I could really write anything regularly for weeks on end, and now I have twelve blog posts, which I'm pretty happy about.
At the same time, I'm not sure about the content. A lot of it seems like pretty pointless navel gazing, and this pretty pointless navel gazing isn't even that pretty. I'll admit that I'm no longer that big a fan of self-help books and therapy and just the general discourse, and I'm not saying that they don't have their benefits, as they do, but they also have their limits, especially in the way that they're distilled and served as absolute sayings "Be positive!" "A negative attitude can lead to negative consequences!" "Live in the present!" "Don't take things personally!".
A person can't live on therapy alone.
Maybe I'll start writing about other stuff. I'll start writing about my friends and my family and the guys I've dated and the people I've met throughout my life. Maybe I'll start writing about nature and good times I've had on hikes or being in a marching band or being in an a-cappella group. Maybe even the most tragic things are sometimes the funniest, like losing your virginity to a guy who straightens his hair.
Sometimes people ask "Who are you? Don't you have any hobbies or friends?" You proudly admit that yeah, you do, that there are some things you like and don't like, and that the bossy, condescending opinion of someone else really doesn't change much.
See you in March? Or April?
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