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In dichotomy tests I test as INTJ/ENTJ, but cognitive function tests suggest I use Ti>Se>Te>Ne heavily, and the other four less (in various orders).
A little about myself:

- I?m very confident and assertive, but don?t relate to the ?need to be in charge? that a lot of Te-doms express - as long as the job gets done I don?t mind any position of the hierarchy. I never struggle to make decisions when asked to.
- I?m very utilitarian, both as far as my practical decisions and personal ethics go. (However, I?ve come to doubt that people know what maximizes their utility, as many hardships offer new insights and experiences that ultimately benefit the individual. I haven?t fully integrated these perspectives quite yet.)
- I often don?t feel strongly about things, and think that it?s difficult to know what?s morally correct since I can easily see it from multiple angles. When asked about my personal opinions I often refer to facts or answer something that I guess to be fairly close to the asker?s point of view, but also different enough to spark a debate (which I enjoy!).
- I?ve never been crazy about sports, but have been into swimming, dancing, horseback riding, long distance running and weight lifting... each until I got bored.
- I was working on a career as a musician before I developed a chronic illness and decided to capitalize on my mathematical skills instead (now working on my master?s in a math-heavy program).
- I love to learn new things and spend a lot of down-time googling things I?m interested in, reading books and scientific reports etc.
- I value status symbols, even though I recognize that it?s superficial. I always keep track on power games and manipulative behavior. I can be manipulative when I need to, and memorize things that I could use against people if I need to.

I?d appreciate any thoughts on my best-fit type. Feel free to ask me anything!
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