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From experience, which of the 16 types have you been most attracted to/had a crush on?

ENTJ and (I'm guessing) ESTJ.

* What was enjoyable about it?

The relationship is like constant electricity and fire but so calming at the same time. Have you ever just clicked with someone from the very beginning and felt like you've known that person forever? That's us.

* How long did it last?

It hasn't ended.

* What was the chemistry between the two of you like?

Let's just say that everyone around us could see the chemistry before we even realized it.

* Were you compatible (easily understood one another/you "got" one another)

Yes, although I think that my type might not always be as fulfilled as I am. I'm pretty thick skinned when it comes to bluntness and have such cutting sense of humour. He understands that and naturally returns it. From what I understand about ESFPs is that the majority are quite sensitive.

* Would you date that same personality type in the future?


Comparably, which of the 16 types turned out to be the worst dates? Were they total disasters? If so, why?

Another ESFP. Oddly enough, I was too traditional minded/old soul for him. Also we were young. Since then he went through a really rough patch in life - crashed and burned. Seeing him now just makes me sad.

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@ametan Hmm. Interesting. Are you sure you're an ESFP and not an ENFP? The most "ideal" romantic match for an ENFP is an INTJ, which you seemingly had a great relationship with. Also, the fact that you enjoy "deep" conversations is a sign of having strong intuitive tendencies, which you find far more often in ENFPs rather than ESFPs.
As an INTJ, I get along way better with ESFPs than I do ENFPs. I think it's more of an Ne vs. Se thing. And with the ESFPs I've been around, they are plenty capable of "deep" conversation. Not in the Ne way of debating and making something theological, but rather discussing a topic and it's different facets at great length.
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