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I'm in the negative score regarding charisma. Like minus 25.

There have been many INFPs who have come through the forum who are loaded with it, tho. They are not like me.

Just a guess, but I'm going to say, just based on my ***feelings***, ENFP, they are pretty damn overall charismatic.

Not only do I lack charisma, but I am waaaay quiet, mutish, monkish, and soooo boring. I'm like a blob. No energy at all, kinda like Jabba Hutt. I think I come out, 100% Phlegmatic. What I see myself as, in no way, should reflect upon the INFP type. All of us have different energy levels.

Hah, my wife would describe herself a lot like you did with energy and stuff, she's an INFP. One of the reasons we clicked is I have all the energy in the world and it brought herself out
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I don't know if there's a type that's less charismatic, on average, than INTJ.
lol. Thanks.

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Seriously, though, what really matters is how one defines charismatic. Mystery can certainly create interest, but it can only get one so far if the goal is to draw in a partner who isn't irritating to the INTJ. What INTJ wants to be endlessly probed for what's going on in their internal reality? heh.

I've not noticed this IRL, IRL I don't tend to get along with ENTPs that much. But on here as well as when I find out a celebrity's type, it seems like the ENTP is the most stereotypical charismatic personality. I also find the ISTPs extremely charismatic because they're so easy going, very easy to share space with (since they're so quiet), and are at least aware of physical reality so can pull off being suave as well heh.

I also am very attracted to ESFPs for some reason though I've never actually dated one seriously - they send off red flags for me.

I don't know. It's hard to say. The most charismatic person I know is some sort of INFP-INTJ hybrid, but then, that's charismatic to me. So it's a very subjective sort of charisma.
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