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A quickie.


Your significant other just ended your 2 year relationship quite suddenly and with no apparent explanation. Up until this point you had both been talking about marriage and last week you even went to look at rings together. Now he/she won't even return your phone calls or texts. After talking with his/her family you find out that he/she has just been diagnosed with terminal stage 4 cancer.

I'd be confused at first, start to make assumptions of what could have happened (assumptions which would lean towards a highly-pessimistic approach). After the discovery I would insist on seeing her everyday (considering that she would be the archetype of my perfect significant other). These visits would serve more to me so I wouldn't be guilty in the future, even though I had deduced that she wanted to evade me - due to her previous behavior.
My apologies if I didn't make myself clear for you, I don't like touching this '' feeling-area ''.


You are in college and this semester both you and your roommate end up in the same class together. You and your roommate get along fairly well and the living situation works but you aren't particularly close. You both typically do your own thing and are rather indifferent to each other. As the semester progresses you excel and become one of the top students in the class whereas your roommate is struggling significantly to grasp the material. The professor assigns a fairly challenging take home test that is a significant portion of your grade. He/she makes it clear that while it is open book, students are to work alone. Later your roommate comes to you begging for help after struggling with the test most of the weekend. You have already completed the assignment and he/she isn't asking to copy your answers, just to help tutor and mentor them as they struggle to complete the test, so there is no way your professor would ever know. However, this is the first time your room-mate has asked you for help this semester. He/she makes it clear that how they do on this test could mean the difference between passing and failing this class.

I'd have no problem with helping him out. It would actually be beneficial for me to mentor him, because it would strenghten our relationship, that is. I'd guide him from a distance though, just to prevent him from getting help from me everytime he'd need it. If this semester is only one amongst the others, he'd end up needing to prove himself worthy in another one OR, if this semester ends up being the last, he wouldn't manage to survive being bad at what he does. It's like a free-market, this situation would self-regulate itself later. This help of mine would be of little value with the only purpose of having a good relationship with him.


Your boss calls you into his/her office in order to assign you to a new project. He/she gives you a choice between two.

Project 1 is a rather broad, expansive project covering multiple areas of company operations. It has the potential to have a very significant impact on company operations but it would require a collective effort and an extensive amount of group work where you would be logically thinking through the project together with the group of individuals your boss has also assigned to it.

Project 2 has a much more specific and narrow focus and would require a significant amount of in depth individual analysis to work through the problem. You would be working alone and the completion of the project may or may not have much impact on company operations. However, after complete the process and problem you were working on will be streamlined and fundamentally understood.

Definitely 1. Why? I'm better-off working for a big-picture change. Besides, I like working with people - when they know their place, know what's efficient and how to follow orders for the sake of the results. I know that the end of this project wouldn't be centered on me, the credits would go to all team as a whole - and that's OK as long as I get recognition from my boss, so I can achieve any benefits from the institution that I'm working on.


Your college professor has assigned you to a group project with 3 other individuals. All 3 of these individuals have a good strong work ethic and desire to contribute to the overall success of this project. You are at the first meeting of your group and the other members are tossing around valuable ideas as to the nature and direction of this project.

Brainstorming is OK, as long as it's done on its proper time. A formal meeting should take us to the next step of the project, it shouldn't be about formulating what this step would be. Based on this mindset, when I arrived at the place my job would be to put order on the group and get ideas on the paper - they are of no use if we can't apply them.


It has been a very long week and you feel mentally and emotionally drained, but good news! It is Saturday and you have nothing significant that needs to be done. You FINALLY have some free time to yourself to recharge your batteries and do whatever you want.

I'd mess around on the web, watch new videos of my subscriptions on YouTube and read a book of 100 to 200 pages, tops. On the time left, when I'm about to go to bed, I'd introspect about my future, my ambitions and how to reach them. When I do that, I get an extreme feeling of euphoria, like nothing could stop me and everything I want is possible. Sometimes these introspections are involuntary, like I didn't even want to focus my mind on that but it drifted away its focus of whatever I'm thinking about, onto it.


You have a meeting with your college career counselor to discuss potential careers that interest you. He/she offers you a list of the following careers and asks you to pick your TOP 3. He/she asks you to take money out of the equation. Imagine all of these careers received equal compensation. Focus instead on where you would truly feel most happy and fulfilled.
Artist, Scientist, Actor, Engineer, Musician, Lawyer, Counselor, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Manager, Psychologist, Computer Programmer / Analyst, Clergy, Child Care, Medical Doctor.

I'd probably choose:
- Entrepeneur: Because I have great interest on this thing called market and its flow.
- Actor: Plays and movies draw my attention. I'm very theatrical and would like to interpret various characters as a job.
- Scientist: Now, this one is kind of tricky. When people think about science, they immediately imagine physics and chemistry, they imagine the archetype of a scientist. I think that it would be adequate to specify that I'd be an economist, an economic scientist. Why? Well, praxeology insterests me, that's all.


Click on the image below and pay close attention to the things that jump out to you, objects, thoughts, feelings, impressions, ideas etc. What do you see?

I see a calm, yet mysterious place. It can truthfully be called a '' hidden paradise ''. Seems like a place that I would like to live in, if I were rich enough in order to afford transportation to get to civilization with no worries (I don't like being excluded from it, really).

*Picture from SCENARIO 7 on this link. whats-my-personality-type/499762-short-scenario-based-type-questionnaire-test.htmlquestionnaire-test.html

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I'm not the best at typing others, and don't know my own yet, but I'll take a stab at it :) I'm guessing ENTJ? A lot of Te decision making, and futuristic, symbolic Ni. Maybe INTJ. Your inferior function reads more as Fi than Se.
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