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I've noticed that whenever some people find out someone is married, they have a hard time getting over that crush. This always shocks me because as soon as I find out someone is married no matter how upset I was about it, I was always able to say screw him for lying to me for so long. It's a turn off for me.

The last townie I talked to over a year ago, I'm so glad I never hooked up with him because I did feel like something wasn't right. Man, it's eerie how spot on my instincts are about people. This is why I don't give people the benefit of the doubt anymore. I'm always proven that they will be how I think they will be before anything starts at all.

Is it easy for you to forget about someone when you find out someone is married or taken?

All I think is, "If he is doing this to me leading me on, he could do that to me if I was with him. He wouldn't tell someone he has a girlfriend and would still flirt with someone else like he was available," and I am over him just like that!

Some people say it's really hard to get out of crushing on a married man, it isn't for me, though. Hopefully this will help others in this situation that pining over an unavailable married man (or married women) is not worth being strung along!
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