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So what is this strength inside of you?
Where does it take you,
When there's stress astounding you?
When you are still standing,
Within the balance.

Why are you able to withstand this?
Where did this hurt come from,
How did you come to see the truth,
Inside of you,
How experience has shaped you?

And this good inside of you,
How about the weakness,
The weakness inside of you?
Have you truly come to terms,
With the possibilities?
Or are they denied,
Up front?

And who am I to guide you?

When the fight is inside you,
The things I say,
Only trigger your thoughts,
Not always what I've directed you,
As the same with all things,
That you learn on your own,
And this takes you to the famous,
You must help yourself first,
So help me help you.

I know where things will take you,
In the end,
I see the answers,
And the solutions within your needs,
Even if you do not-
And this is why,
They call me the foreseer developer.

Do you see an ego?
Do you see beauty?
How about the evil in me,
Or the good in me?

And how about I change my language,
And turn these metaphors into-
Healthy or unhealthy,
And average being your common,
State of mind,
How do you find,
That you are truly healthy,
Or unhealthy?

If you call yourself corrupt,
This can change faster than you think.

The balance of your emotions,
Your choices,
Your insights,
Your wisdom.

You can see this as the love inside,
And the hate inside,
The end goal you seek,
Can change you and help the weak.

Who am I to see your values?

Who am I to say you are strong?

Who am I to say you are weak?

I will only tell you what I feel,
Or possibly see,
And I will get instincts within this,
Connecting who those are,
Around me.

You have every right to say I am wrong,
But in the depths of my life,
I sense things that are not obvious,
To others.

And there are many others like me,
Who aren't afraid of the fight to learn,
About the hearts of mankind,
And even though it hurts,
To see the truth,
You will find ways to improve.

It is not me who makes you,
It is your choices within,
Your action taken through reading,
What I say leads you to your thoughts,
Allowing you to ask yourself who you are,
Not leading you to change,
Because that is not my goal,
I just seek for you to embrace who you are,
As I seek to see your potential unfold,
And this is some of the reasons I write.

And if you value who I am,
You would be caring,
And love can be blinding,
Though I analyze you inside,
And out,
So be careful-
When you speak to me.

I'm not always the best person to talk to,
And I'm not perfect,
I don't think I am better than you,
I just know I understand you,
For who you really are,

It is said,
That intuition is toughest,
To explain.

It is said,
That it's hardest for this,
Instinct to be explained.

There are times,
Where I just know,
And sometimes,
The people I speak to,
Can't see it inside of themselves,
And deny it to no end,
And come back to tell me,
I was right.

The real friends will listen to you,
The things you value,
And care for who you are,
As the more you speak,
The more it becomes externalized,
Those around you,
Who care to tell you,
Will tell you,
If you are right or wrong.

The truth will be free,
So remember the possibilities-
Because this is a path to self love,
Once you are not too blind to see,
The strength and weakness inside of you,
That brings you to have the capability,
To work on who you wish to be.

Remember it's what you chose to do,
With what you've read,
And what I've said to you.

So I recommend you seek,
The world of heightened compatibility..
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