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Okay here's the deal.

I've been trying to figure out my type lately and it's either I'd like to think I'm an ESFP 'cause to me they seem like the best people in the world but I'm doubting that I am 'cause really, could I be that amazig?

I'm an upbeat and bouncy person who likes to have fun and be the center of attention. I love being with my friends and just doing anything that offers a new great experience. At the same time I like spending time alone preferably to read. I love books and have done since I learned how to read, though it's gotta be about people and relationships and what they're doing otherwise I'll get bored. I also love debating issues with people though sometimes I come across as quite harsh and just way too stubborn. Sometimes if me and my boyfriend are discussing a topic he gets a bit grumpy 'cause I'll say things that I don't mean and I'll change my opinion every two minutes just 'cause I think it's fun. I love interacting with people in any way. I'm genuinely interested in people and when I was younger I could sit for ages just listening to another person talk about themselves or their troubles and just try to help them out. Recently I've become more confident and I've realized that I love talking about myself aswell and sometimes I'll even interrupt people just so that I can speak about whatever is on my mind. Usually it's about things that have happened like my drama teacher saying that "Oh I know why your name is Marty, you have a talent for acting just like Marty Feldman". The person who usually has to hear me talk about everything I find exciting is my boyfriend and you can tell he gets tired of it at times 'cause I become this little bubbly child who just can't shut up.

I've been diagnosed with ADHD 'cause I'm a bit hyperactive and I could never sit still during class when I was younger. I don't believe in ADHD though 'cause I don't know, it's just the way I am and I don't wanna take medication just so that I can become what the doctors think is "normal".

I'm seventeen years old but most of the time I act like I'm younger 'cause I actually like and enjoy being immature. Sometimes it gets out of hand though and I realize that perhaps I should think before I do and say things 'cause it gets me into trouble. But to be honest, I don't mind getting into trouble either. I don't know, I guess I usually just see the fun part of everything and forget the rest.
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