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How do you keep up with who your supposed to like? Does it ever feel like you'd be banished from certain groups of "friends" if you didn't go along with the same opinion as the group... or just certain people?

President Obama is a great example of this type of "must hate" or "must love" predisposition. I personally didn't vote for President Obama (stay tuned for why another time), but after working in DC, especially on "the Hill" and in the Pentagon. I have first hand knowledge of the life these "senior" leaders endure.

It seems I'm constantly bombarded with "it's Obama's fault!!" or "fucking Obama!!" Because I like to "poke the box", (thank you Godin), I purposefully take a neutral stand amongst my fellow white trash conservatives, if anything, simply pointing out that Obama doesn't role out of his Muslim prayer rug-themed bed of American hatred every morning, stroll past his fellow terrorist standing guard down the halls of the White House, kick the doors open so Osama's cohorts can start planning the end of American Civilization as we knew it.

At best, he's an ego maniac that thought it'd be a feather in his hat to be the first black president. Or even more so, perhaps, the 100 year old liberals that lead the Democratic Party used this Black man as a marketing strategy to win the White House... and if that wouldn't work, they had American's Woman as a back up plan.

Either way, are we just looking for things to hate these days? Hate and negativity seem to attract more of the same... So I say, if we love the democratic republic so much, we should respect the institutions that make it what it is, the majority said we want him... so I say, Good Luck Sir, if there's anything I can do to help... let me know.
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