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Pretty simple. I'm using the typings from (which, despite having some flaws, is the best website out there for this kind of stuff). Feel free to specify people who are listed on the website vs. people who you speculate to be a certain type. So, let me list all of mine!

ISTJ - Calvin Coolidge (my favorite US President)
ESTJ - Alan Dershowitz
ISFJ - Rand Paul, Brian May
ESFJ - Andrew Carnegie
ISTP - Ron Paul, Erwin Rommel, Snoop Dogg
ESTP - James Randi
ISFP - Trent Reznor
ESFP - Bill Clinton
INTJ - Stephen Hawking, Christopher Hitchens
ENTJ - Margaret Thatcher, Bill Gates, Carl Sagan, Penn Jillette
INFJ - Thomas Jefferson, Sam Harris, Marilyn Manson
INTP - F.A. Hayek, Milton Friedman, Charles Darwin
ENTP - Maddox
INFP - The One True God (Nic Cage), Teller
ENFP - Ricky Gervais, Michio Kaku

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Ok so some of these are from celebrity types (which I agree is the most accurate out there), and some are my own - i'll put my typings in brackets.

ISTJ - Michael Kitchen (my typing)
ISTP - Paul Newman (my typing), Harrison Ford
INTP - Charlotte Gainsbourg, John le Carre
ENTP - Leonardo da Vinci
INFJ - Al Pacino
ISFJ - Kei Nishikori (my typing)
ISFP - Rick Wright (pink floyd) (my typing)
INFP - Soeren Kierkegaard
ENFP - Keira Knightley
INTJ - Charlotte Rampling (my typing)
ESFP - Cameron Diaz
ESTJ - Gary Neville (my typing)
ESTP - Jack Nicholson
ENTJ - Katherine Hepburn
ESFJ - Elton John
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