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I thought this might be fun. Anyway, I'm feeling slightly more upbeat and a little bored, so here comes my attempt at a Monsieur Melancholy-esque thread, I apologise in advance.

So, out of interest, if you could meet and take a few of your buddies here out for beverages and talking and whatnot...

Who Would You Choose?


And What Would You Want To Talk About With Them?

Beer is optional, replace with coffee/tea/lemonade/gravy/mead/bucket of chicken/gin as you please.

Also, INFPs, pretend not to be afraid of bars or people. Just for now.
I'm thinking INFP buddies but could be anyone here.

Right now I think I'd like to invite @Kito out for a beer, and just compare notes on life so far. We have such similarities but yet such differences in who we are, where we're at and where we're going.

I'd quite like to catch up with @JaySH and @OpRise over a brew/coffee/something and absorb some more of their wisdom, encouragement and knowledge in general. You've been particularly kind to me so far!

And of course I'd invite @Monsieur Melancholy for beverages because I'm sure we'd have plenty to talk about. But also to apologise for stealing his thread idea...thing.

Sorry if I left anyone out, there are some glaring omissions, but I have to try not to invite 20 people and those are just the ones on my mind right now.

Have at it!
I don't know, will this thread actually take off?
(If it doesn't, I'll cry and make you feel bad)

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Well I'm honoured that you perceive my threads to have a certain style to them. :proud:

Since you put "bucket of chicken" on the menu, the first person I thought of was @refugee. I'd definitely go for one of those with him.

@Nostalgic and I would likely go on many, many dates at coffee bars. You could probably find us making out behind Starbucks at any given time of the day or night. :blushed:

I'd share a soda pop with the likes of @Kito, @Wanderlust94, and you @ATLeow.

I'd have tea with my British homies @mushr00m and @willow the wisp.

I'd have some "baked Alaska" (I'm still not quite sure what that is, exactly) with @Fear Itself.

And I'd have some Kool-Aid with @Oh_no_she_DIDNT and @TwistedM.

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Bell's Two Hearted watching the Dream Cruise with @Nucky

Draft at Commerica Park with @Lunar Eclipse

Beer with @ethylester at Magic Stick watching a local punk band.

Quiche and coffe discussing philosophy and literature with @OrangeAppled

Whiskey straight, no chaser, befiore getting VERY shaggied and having wayyy too many scooby snacks with @Calvaire.

Sneaking a flask in the back of a kindergarten play with @Oh_no_she_DIDNT

Beers backstage at a rock and roll club discussing music and poetry with @Monsieur Melancholy

Hair of the dog drinking away the adverse affects with @adverseaffects

Whiskey and hookah with @kaleidoscope.

Vodka, filthy dance beats, and partying until sunrise, dancing our asses off at a warehouse party with @mushr00m.

Craft beer and sunsets on a farm discussing literature with @OpRise.

Old Rasputin with @pinkrasputin.

Red wine at the top of a castle discussing music and life with @willow the wisp.

Orange Soda with @OrangeSoda.

Hot chocolate with @Frosty.

Straight whiskey and jam session with @Animal.

Fifth race with @Promethea.

Pitcher and bro down with @JaySH .

Jungle juice regrets with @StaceofBass

Over priced margarittas with @Knight of Cups.

Milkshakes with @The King Of Dreams.

Champaign looking at the green light across the sound with @gatsby.

IPAs and poker with @gestalt.

Wine on the Left Bank watching the stars over Paris with @Waldeinsamkeit.
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