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WHO INTP'S (AND OTHER NT'S) l0oves quotes?

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who Nts and espically intp's here love quotes? i know alot of famous quotes from memory. i like quotes i like to decipher them, i think there poetic, i like rational quotes that are passionate, kinda like a paradox but a paradox that makes sense. i like to recite them when im in a good mood and to say it like im the man ahahahah umm. i like to disect quotes and i like to see the truth in quotes

from the infj von goethe

we usually lose today because there has been a yesterday and tommorow is coming

live dangerously and you live right
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My husband is an INTP and he likes to tell me with a smirk on his face "Wherever you go, there you are."
Yes, I can say I definitely love quotes.

I don't like, however, spelling love with a 0.

And I don't mind when the computer randomly changes fonts on me.

As for quotes I like, there are way too many to list - so many I don't even use them that often, partially because I often forget a great quote in the perfect moment to use it. Then I remember the quote later. (D'oh!)
I'm XNTP; I love quotes; If you ask anyone that talks to me what I do on a regular basis they will say I quote things like a maniac. I don't only quote famous people but regular people and myself too. I one day wish that people will quote me.
I definitely love smacking people in the face with quotes. Especially very wise sounding ones :laughing:
I tend to quote Russell, Einstein, and Socrates the most.
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I adore quotes that I like because they are like exactly but I'm saying but better and packaged much more nicely.
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I definitely love smacking people in the face with quotes. Especially very wise sounding ones :laughing:
I tend to quote Russell, Einstein, and Socrates the most.
I guess that would be the differentiation from ENTP to INTP. I hit people with hidden wisdom quotes. The likes of Oscar Wilde, Douglas Adams, and Nietzsche are used more often then not. I've also been known to use a Dr. Seuss quote or two. I also love quoting Aristotle and Alexander the Great. Two people I find my mind more in line with over that of Socrates and Einstein.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”
I'm an INTJ, and I enjoy quotes. Whether this be throwing them out in conversation or simply thinking of them to relate to my current situation that noone else has to know. Sometimes it is movie quotes, sometimes music quotes and sometimes quotes outside of context. I'm reminded of the Bueller wisdom, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

Sometimes the quotes become catchphrases that can abbreviate so much meaning in a little message like, "Taking one for the team," or one of those classic, "Oh hell no!" lines that seem to be something recalled rather than exactly what is on someone's mind or heart.
Having two as my signature, I would say yes. Some are very profound, and others down right funny. I really cant improve upon such geniuses as Galilieo and Groucho Marx, so I'll just quote them instead.
I always quote form random things that have no real context, but the quote suits the situation.Which can confuse people, and usually the effect is ruined because I have to explain how the quote applies.
My Dad is an INTP and he likes quotes and metaphors but he ALWAYS gets them mixed up and wrong ex. As blind as a church mouse (versus blind as a bat/ as poor as a church mouse.) My mom is an ENTP and she can quote like everything from Shakespeare to Doris Day.
not a big fan of quotes. Using them feels like I'm letting someone else do my thinking for me.
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