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WHO INTP'S (AND OTHER NT'S) l0oves quotes?

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who Nts and espically intp's here love quotes? i know alot of famous quotes from memory. i like quotes i like to decipher them, i think there poetic, i like rational quotes that are passionate, kinda like a paradox but a paradox that makes sense. i like to recite them when im in a good mood and to say it like im the man ahahahah umm. i like to disect quotes and i like to see the truth in quotes

from the infj von goethe

we usually lose today because there has been a yesterday and tommorow is coming

live dangerously and you live right
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Yes, I can say I definitely love quotes.

I don't like, however, spelling love with a 0.

And I don't mind when the computer randomly changes fonts on me.

As for quotes I like, there are way too many to list - so many I don't even use them that often, partially because I often forget a great quote in the perfect moment to use it. Then I remember the quote later. (D'oh!)
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