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Do you remember moments in your life of surreal, wild social happiness?
Those people that made you say to yourself, I hope this feeling lasts forever.
What people/person made that happen for you? What were their characteristics?

Basically... Who makes your sparks fly and why?
My Top 2:

-My nearly 14-year-old parakeet. He's like a feather-covered concentrated essence of love with luscious little pink feet and a truly brilliant agile mind. He's the smartest person I know, verbally creative, awesome dancer, very enthusiastic, and he knows more about love than anyone I have ever met. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have him in my life. "Wild social happiness" describes how I experience this connection quite well.

-My mate. Almost impossible to describe her essence: something like, a combination of half-feral and deeply grounded. She's also beautiful, smart, physically strong, emotionally resilient, silly as fuck, passionate lover, artistically creative, deep amazing heart (!), strong sense of self, and a keen appreciation for the beauty of the natural world.
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