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Who makes your sparks fly and why?

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Do you remember moments in your life of surreal, wild social happiness?
Those people that made you say to yourself, I hope this feeling lasts forever.
What people/person made that happen for you? What were their characteristics?

Basically... Who makes your sparks fly and why?

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1) wit ... I'm a sucker for wit ... I like to have my brain massaged. :p

2) strength/intelligent ... men who don't get scared from the "feminine" ...

When a man is smart enough to realize I'm just a barking yorkie and not a cujo ...
I want to take my clothes off. :p

3) funny ... men who make me laugh till it goes silent are incredibly dangerous.

yup. that's my top three. witty. strong(intelligent) and funny. they all kinda go hand in hand.
all of the above. but mostly the "thinker" type.

silly too ... raw intelligence has to be tempered with silly or nothing is any fun.

and you can't have silly if you take yourself seriously. So that's another one too. >.<
Do you like Thinker (intelligent, sharp sometimes even dark) humor, or would you say you prefer a more light off-beat sort of wit?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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