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Who makes your sparks fly and why?

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Do you remember moments in your life of surreal, wild social happiness?
Those people that made you say to yourself, I hope this feeling lasts forever.
What people/person made that happen for you? What were their characteristics?

Basically... Who makes your sparks fly and why?

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Well, as of right now there are 2 people who make me really happy and I wish I could talk to them all the time because they make me feel so great.

One, my girlfriend, is an INTP. She is very smart person. She is quiet, like me, but something about her makes me feel so nice and safe and happy. Talking to her is probably one of the few things that I can say makes me truly happy.

The other is a friend of mine who is an ESTJ. She is very smart as well, and she is also very hardworking and dedicated. With her, there is never a dull moment. She always has something to say, and it always leads to a meaningful conversation. Being with her makes me feel safe as well, and she is always so happy or has something to talk about that always makes me happy when I am sad.

I couldn't imagine being without either one of them, they really do make me happy as I can be.
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