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Hello to anyone who cares enough for a new forum poster.

For those just wondering what Thickfreakness is, it's an Album by the Black Keys. The Black Keys are a blues rock band that no other band is really comparable to (and you would have no idea that the group is composed of just two white guys). Not only is the music amazing, but I also love the name of the album. Take that last part however you want to.

According to these testy-ma-doohickies, I am an INTJ. According to what I've seen from the INTJ forum, I am a very unusual INTJ.

I am quiet, intellectual and very caring towards people who have proven their worth to me as a decent human being. I am a contemplative, realistic, logical, heavy thinker. Engineering and Polticial Sciences are my forte in school. I can no longer believe that every man is created equal and I can be arrogant and domineering at times. I am not emotionless, but I actively manipulate myself to look confident and to not look weak whenever possible. People say I am not in touch with my emotions, but I tend think of it more as a "I'm not going to dump my problems on other people" or a "Don't tell your problems to anyone, 10% don't care, 90% are happy you have them" - Lou Holtz kinda deal. I used to have anger management problems, a quick fuse and little patience, but I've solved those problems over the past few years. I still have a no tolerance policy on whining though, man up.

Those around me have me pegged as the stereotypical macho, tough guy because I guess I appear very intimidating. All of that aside, I am one of the most supportive friends you could ask for, I've saved a few people from themselves and they're very happy that I'd done so.

Like all INTJ's, I enjoy my computer and technology, but unlike most, I am heavily into sports and weightlifting. I play blues on my guitar, I listen to metal, blues rock and quality hip hop, and although I find socializing to be tiring, I enjoy hanging out with friends and meeting new people.

Politically, I am Liberal but slowly shifting right-wards. I won't go into much detail with this.

Thanks for reading this blather of words, hope I sound somewhat interesting.

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Welcome to the forum :happy:
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