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Why are we here?

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I just don't understand why INFP's are here. I'm one, and life is extremely difficult. Every single altruistic thing I try to do is met with blank, cold, unempathizing stares. Plus, I read somewhere how supposedly INFP's are defenders of the realm, white warriors or something that stand up for what is right. Well if that is the case, and we're assuming there is a God why doesn't God or the universe or the force make things a little bit easier for INFP's? I mean if we're already doing altruistic things that should be done, why so much resistance on the part of the Universe? Sorry I'm venting a bit. :unsure:
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Most types are egoistic, and accomplish nothing long lasting. They are like ants: work their whole life and die at the end. They live, they die, and they are forgotten. They don't leave heritage, that can increase quality of life for others (they more ofter create more devastation to others...).

Insights of INFP's live fort, because they are to be used on all and to wellbeing of all. Founder of MBTI is literally an INFP! INFP's are like timemachines: suddenly we can stop time and see all from all sides, suddenly we can get insight in something that would increase wellbeing of others in the future. That knowledge never dies.
I am sure, that one important insight of an INFP can mean more for humanity, than accomplishments of a whole life of an average person (especially egoistic-types).

Accept your talents. Do not reject them because you are told to or because you are expected to conform with society.

I also learned to be carefuller with my INFP-goodness. Conscious choose intensity of your goodness based on your observations. Without consciously choosing, an INFP-default is to give all. Sadly that is not applicable yet in out world.

My rule of thumb: You can't help someone, if they don't want help. I (=with my INFP-powers:tongue:) CAN see for every person something that can make them grow. BUT, most don't want to grow! Why should they? They live in their "I am right world" and growing for them means acknowledge that they are not always right.
Reserve that universal goodness for few you care about, WHO CARE ABOUT YOU!
Use less emotional empathy in other situations (for example at work, at hobby's).

Superman had to learn to control his gifts, so we have too.
It's a life lasting process for an INFP.

If our "world" was built on MBTI-ideology, every type (=person) would be accepted for who he is. But because our world is built by unevolved egoistic animals, society will not accept us easily.

They are good people, few though. But few really GOOD people is enough for an INFP, right? So the hell in with the rest.

- Choose profession you are motivated to do (even INFP's need some money for food and shelter...)
- Surround yourself with few "who get it"
- Try as much as possible (although it's hard for us) to consciously regulate amount of empathy appropriate for given situation

And remember, you are not alone!:tongue: It's OK to be you. It's your right to be you. Who don't accept that, don't deserve your goodness!
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