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Why are we here?

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I just don't understand why INFP's are here. I'm one, and life is extremely difficult. Every single altruistic thing I try to do is met with blank, cold, unempathizing stares. Plus, I read somewhere how supposedly INFP's are defenders of the realm, white warriors or something that stand up for what is right. Well if that is the case, and we're assuming there is a God why doesn't God or the universe or the force make things a little bit easier for INFP's? I mean if we're already doing altruistic things that should be done, why so much resistance on the part of the Universe? Sorry I'm venting a bit. :unsure:
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can I say just one quick response before-hand (and please pardon my language): I f*cking love this topic, because I just felt it almost EVERY single day!

thank you so much for the OP, at least now I feel I'm definitely not alone (as if this is the first time I'm saying this words lol).
it's getting late at night here at my country, so I guess I'll reply a bit in-length tomorrow morning.
Night everybody.
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