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Why are we here?

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I just don't understand why INFP's are here. I'm one, and life is extremely difficult. Every single altruistic thing I try to do is met with blank, cold, unempathizing stares. Plus, I read somewhere how supposedly INFP's are defenders of the realm, white warriors or something that stand up for what is right. Well if that is the case, and we're assuming there is a God why doesn't God or the universe or the force make things a little bit easier for INFP's? I mean if we're already doing altruistic things that should be done, why so much resistance on the part of the Universe? Sorry I'm venting a bit. :unsure:
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If everything was easy we wouldn't grow and become stronger people. We must look at life as a challenge and we must rise to that challenge head on. We must wrest life by the reigns and control it. We are masters of our own world, no matter how hard it seems we are humans and we have the capability to do amazing things. With our NF-ness we have an enormous strength that we are able to tap into and grab ahold. Never ever doubt yourself, it is such a hard thing to do and such a hard life to live but we cannot allow ourselves to fall into the trap of a self fulfilling prophecy of depression and uselessness. Even if this world is controlled by people who are more open to stepping on people then INFs like us. It is our obligation, it is our duty to struggle against the society of stepping on people to get ahead. We have the power to rise to bend the direction of the world to our will if we are motivated enough. Never doubt oneself and never let yourself believe you have no place, you have a place and a purpose just by the virtue of being here.

You're place and your purpose IS defined by you.​
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