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Seriously isfps'... how do you do it?

but I also see ISFPs as having a rough time. I know we mostly see their happy face around here, but I think their Fi values can be more difficult to deal with because they're more aware of the discrepancy between their feelings and reality. INFPs have delusional Ne keeping the hope alive . INxJs are pretty misunderstood also, and that is always rough. I think Ji-doms need people to understand their inner world more though. I remember reading Jung's comments on Pi saying there is less identification with their own inner world of perceptions, but for Ji people, everything is related back to the self to judge it.
I think Fi is arguably the most subjective function, being introverted, judging and value-oriented. Everything is related back to the self to understand it.
Se is arguably the most objective function, as it's perspective is centered on concrete objects which exist outside itself, without attaching any judgment to it, as it's a perceiving function. It's just one way of looking at the relationship between functions, and in the ISFP, it can make them painfully aware of how the external world does not meet their internal idealistic model.
I've been contemplating this for a few days now, and I've come to hold the isfp in an admirable light.

I like to think of the difference between me and you as being comparative to the fable 'the emperor's clothes' (or more widely known as "the emperor's new clothes";

two weavers who promise an Emperor a new suit of clothes invisible to those unfit for their positions or incompetent. When the Emperor parades before his subjects in his new clothes, a child cries out, "But he isn't wearing anything at all!".
My Ne are the weavers who promise to make the emperor a gown, and my Fi is the emperor. My Ne builds, designs, weaves, and it also supports my idealistic Fi.

Your Fi is also the emperor, however your Se is the child who cries out, "But he isn't wearing anything at all"- painfully aware of reality and bound to it.

I have Ne to cushion, support, nourish and express my Fi. Whereas you have Se; which may very well come at odds with your Fi, because it is essentially quite objective perception.

For the above reasons, I think you have to be a very strong person to be an isfp. And I do admire you for it. I think you face the world without padding, and given I share your idealism, I really respect how you subsist in the world through all the cognitive dissonance that might occur as a result of your ideals conflicting with a reality you know well.

I think a lot of isfps' mistype as infps' because it's seemingly a gift to be "intuitive". But do you know what I think is a gift? judging via Fi, percieving the world via Se; and staying sane. I truly appreciate you isfps' and I know you always say that you're the 'invisible' type; but you're not.

Feel free to talk about more good things about you! :laughing:

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I like the "Emperor's New Clothes" analogy... that was pretty brilliant :laughing:

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Wow, thanks a lot for this post. It's true that we're not always happy, bubbly characters who like to escape from reality every once in a while to discuss our favorite Disney characters. We have problems similar to every type, but we don't always let it show.

For me, reality rarely meets my ideals. Obviously this is common for dominant Fi types, but as you say, it's different for ISFPs. When I go somewhere, say a new class..I always have the perfect idea of how it will go. All the people who will have much in common with me and the experience will be truly enriching. I've been to a bunch of classes, and this has never really happened. Usually I watch the people, and the more I learn about them and see how they act, the further they fall from my ideal. It happens every time in every situation (not just classes), yet I always, always build myself up for something "ideal" which never comes true. I always know when I'm doing it too and I can't stop myself. And it always hurts just as much.

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I dunno. But sometimes, when I'm musing over something, I will come up with two parties in my head debating about it.

party1: "Wow my SFJ mother said some really mean things."
party2: "Well you kinda know what you are supposed to do."
party1: "But she didn't have to yell like that!"
party2: "That doesn't mean you should dismiss useful advice."

Well its not really this extreme but I hope you get what I mean:unsure:
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