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Is it a lack of awareness? Is it the shear curiosity that you can't restrain?

I notice this pretty frequently, and in fact find it to be a very strong trait in ESTJs (in maintaining accountability in others), because I can tell it's usually not intended to humiliate the person being probed, but more for the ESTJ to find the truth.

Megyn Kelly asking Jane Fonda why she wasn't proud of having plastic surgery done.

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Why do ESTJs probe people on their insecurities, particularly in group settings?
I find that ENTPs are more likely to probe people's insecurities, however ESTJs stating that people have insecurities.
After reading your example I don't see how that's probing someone's insecurities, so either you gave a false example or that I proved your point that ESTJ's lack awareness in this realm.

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I can't speak for anyone of my type outside myself, but I don't believe I've ever done this. I rarely pick up on insecurities, and I don't probe them if I do.
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first to the original poster. I don't generally do this either.

Not only that, but also there's the fact that reporters rarely make up their own questions. They come from the person running the show.
Yes, and Kelly isn't a traditional journalist either she was I don't think she is anymore, or she could be, but she was more of a TV personality television reporter. I think the person I am quoting is right, because traditional journaliststs would make up more of their own questions but it also depends on the article and your slant and you have to come up with probing questions but if you're on radio and Tv you definitely have more of the producers setting up stuff for you and writing your content. Unlike traditional journalist you don't work alone. Traditional journalists has to work with editors, but you don't work as a team as much as in TV or radio where you work strictly with a camera man, producer and others. You kind of have to go by the plans that way.
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