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Why do I find Cho in the mentalist extremely attractive?

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Do you have any theories?
Maybe this introverted assurance? Something like that...

Im not Asian by origin and Im usually not attracted to asian men
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i love that show :proud:

because Cho is confident, but not showy, because he's intelligent and knows how to use this intelligence, cool, in control, successful - but all the while, he looks so damn huggable! :laughing:

i have a rather considerable crush on Lisbon (Robin Tunney). not only physically, is weird, because she's the opposite of what i usually like, she's rule and convention-bound, all about STJ i think (which i generally don't naturally take to)

i guess the show has this effect on people. why Van Pelt likes Rigsby, i will never know...:bored:
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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