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Why do I find Cho in the mentalist extremely attractive?

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Do you have any theories?
Maybe this introverted assurance? Something like that...

Im not Asian by origin and Im usually not attracted to asian men
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Because he's badass?
Maybe you like deadpan snarkers.

Cho is ISTP by the way.

Yeah, Lisbon is either ESTJ, or ESFJ. The rest of the lot:

Jane- ENTP (possibly INFJ)
Rigsby- ESTP
Van Pelt- INFJ
Minelli- ESTJ
Hightower- ENTJ
Haha I love the whole ENTP Vs INFJ for Jane, they're two really different and yet really similar types! I'd say ENTP though, INFJs are too cute.
That's because they're both N-dominant, and both have the same core functions (Ti/Fe). Patrick Jane's Ti and Fe are essentially equal; he has a very strong understading of uther people's emotions and tends to make deductive leaps from them. The question for him is whether his dominant function is Ni, or Ne.
He seems to use Ne I think, I've experienced some of the weird ideas he has. INFJ sister doesn't think he's an INFJ because he's too calculating with certain things, which I agree with, more T than F.
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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