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Why Do You Believe in the Enneagram?

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I want to know!

(Honest curiosity.)
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People are driven by motivations, and have a sense of self value. People are far less complex than some typologies make them out to be. The Enneagram works in a cause and effect fashion, and it is very transparent for that reason. I view it from purely a ideological position, and I leave inherent factors in your psychology to scientists to understand at a later time.
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It simply works for me, but in a different way then other systems before it. I didn't like what It had to say about me...however the facts were clear to read for myself in the way I was defending myself from it. I behaved just like a truly was a shock.

Simply put I saw objective reality....and it was E6. Bummer.
I like it and use it for a few reasons. Firstly, it explained a lot of the ways I am that had caused me to feel like an outsider, or "observer", fittingly enough. It was a relief for me to find that other people DO have similar motivations and tendencies of the mind.

Secondly, it's been an amazing tool for self-growth for me. I'm the kind of person who loves to challenge myself constantly and break open my own stereotypes and assumptions, so it helped highlight some ways I could continue to do that, and it also showed me a lot of the issues I didn't even realize were going on in my head. It came to me at a very timely place in my life.

Thirdly, although I will sometimes type clients that I counsel, I don't share any information about the Enneagram with them (unless they already know about it), but I find it extremely helpful with some people to figure out their type so I have a better idea of how to approach them and their issues and a better idea of what might work better with them.

I don't think it's for everyone for multiple reasons - some simply don't believe in it; some don't like to see their potential flaws mirrored so clearly back at them; some use it as a self-defeating prophecy to stay stuck where they are.
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