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I just had the MOST ABSURD conversation so I had to come online to blog about it or else I won't be able to sleep tonight.

OKCupid Guy: What do you find the most attractive in a man?

Until this point I really didn’t think about it. I mean okay, height and muscles are like what I'm physically attracted too, but clearly it’s not working cause some guys with those qualities have been talking to me and I feel nothing. Like there’s something missing.

So I stared at my phone for a while and it just clicked for me.

What I find most attractive in a guy is someone who reads daily. People who read more are more open-minded, tolerant of differing viewpoints, and are usually more knowledgeable, so he can also teach me things I don’t know. Plus, people who read more are usually more successful in life. The most successful businessmen read 3-5 hours a day. If he reads, he’s usually curious about the world at large and wants to learn more.

I told him all this and he said, oh I read, but I don’t read books, I read net articles and watch videos. It doesn’t matter where you get the information from as long as you get it. And then he goes on to say reading without thinking is just as bad as not reading at all.

Are you saying when I read, I don’t think?

I was just so amused by him because it’s like he’s living on an alien world from me SO OF COURSE I MUST TALK TO HIM MORE. I literally told you how to be successful and handed you the fucking keys and you threw it away.

So he asked what I did for a job, and I said oh I write edit and publish books. And he was like oh no wonder you're so particular about reading. I'm like.. hmmmmm earlier on you said you read my profile and found the writing very unique, but you don’t even know I write for a living.

Wow, much thinking going on as you read. No wonder you can read without thinking if the information you get is so shitty.

I think he was negging me too. He was like oh your writing is so interesting blah blah, and then you’re a big girl. I'm like yeah I lift weights and swim now and I'm tall. I'm working on losing more. At least I can carry more weight.

And then he goes on in a very roundabout way to try and impress me about how much estoric knowledge he knows from reading net articles and watching videos. And he says he’s film director after being in fund management.

Me: Wow, that’s such a cool job. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Him: I get it from all the crap in my brain and just everywhere all those far out things and thinking through them and why.

Thinking through things and understanding why is like basic human behaviour. Nothing to brag about. I asked him where did you get your net articles from? No answer.

Yeah crap in brains alright. You think girls are stupid? My gosh you damn well know I'm going to raise my girls to be smarter than dumb asses like these.

Which do you think is more far out? Something everyone can read on the web, or reading a book, which is almost a dying hobby it seems like, from where I'm from. I swear to heaven some of the guys I talk to think I'm fucking stupid.

He was like oh I think sexual attraction is the most important. I understand your viewpoint, but I destroyed it by saying look, sex is only a small part of the day in the marriage. I have to like being around the guy. If he doesn’t read, I won't find him exciting. When you're old and can't have sex anymore, do you want to talk to someone who bores you? Go ahead, go choose someone like that. I mean I wasn’t so cruel, but I did make my point and he just didn’t address it lol.

For me, if a guy doesn’t read BOOKS, he won't appreciate what I do for a living, what my passion is. He just won't be able to love me and I won't be able to love him. Some people with PhDs pour their entire life into a book and you’re saying a net article can compare? Unless you're reading scientific articles, which he wasn’t since he didn’t brag about it lol, you're not going to get the same meat that is in a book.

No matter what I say he won't listen. So much for thinking through things and being out there.

I said I publish books, and he wants to publish on iBooks, and he goes on about blah blah some information free exchange. Yes I know. So where’s the book you’re going to publish? You’re 29 and you haven't written anything. You haven't read much so I don’t know where you get your ideas from as a film director.

Even if you're rich now, you're going to lose it all or you won't grow your wealth because other people are reading and you're not. Not an easy world out there. I told him Amazon has a bigger audience to be nice.

I swear. Some people think art is so easy to get into. You have people dreaming of being a film director from young and working hard towards it and they don’t succeed, and you come along swaggering that you’re a script writer too and a film director and you don’t read. And you only read net articles and watch youtube videos.

Yes. What sagacity. Please, grace me more with your wisdom.

He likes the idea of being a creative person more than actually creating. If you don’t read books, you can't do well in a creative written field. It’s just not possible. Internet was only created what… a few decades back? books have been around for hundreds, thousands of years. Sure, internet has more up to date information. But to be a creative is not just in the information you provide, but in the way you do it. For that, you have to read books.

So yeah, I can't trust a man who doesn’t read with my entire life. Sorry, you might try to bluff me and say oh you watch videos and net articles so-please-have-sex-with-me but I read so I'm not buying your shit. I want the genuine article, not some imitation thanks.

I'm starting to understand why I get so many likes and messages on there. And also why those guys are still single.

I rather be happily single than get with some weirdo who doesn’t read and still wants to write a book one day.

Oh Athena, please guide your daughter as she ventures forth into this seriously weird world filled with even weirder guys. I really think I got teleported to some alien dimension for a few seconds there.

Back to reading! :D I'm still on How to Write a Children’s Book since things have been so hectic. Can a youtube video tell you that? Or a net article go into as much detail? I think not.


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I don't know, I'm pretty much always reading something. I like non-fiction for the most part. Philosophy and history and academic sorts of things. I find fiction pretty dull because the truth is so much weirder and more fantastic than stories could ever be. What about you?

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I read both fiction and non-fiction. I find them both interesting, since there's usually truth in fiction and there's also falsehoods in non-fiction that I have to be aware of. Stories are a means of information transmission that makes the truth memorable. The lessons they teach have more to do with a study on humans and humanity than concrete facts though. At least, this is what I think about books.

Do you have a book on history to recommend? :happy:
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