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I don't know that people hate me but I've never really been part of the in crowd. Or when in a group of people, I tend to be left out or ignored. Part of that is because I speak to quietly and passively I think. Also, i have a hard time faking my emotions. I can't pretend to get all excited about something that really doesn't interest me. I don't like to use a whole bunch of words when I talk. I say what I want to say and that is it. Not going to make a huge story about soemthing that isn't that big. I find my attention span is short for people who talk a lot. To me, it seems like they are tooting their own horn half the time of full of themselves. Why does someone feel the need to go on and on about something. If you are really doing it because that is who you are or your nature, you don't need to tell everyone or go on forever and make sure everybody hears you. Just comes across as a fake and people can see that in my face as I don't hide what I'm feeling or thinking well.
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