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Why, Whatever Could I Be?

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Bonjour, tout le monde. Let me preface this by saying that I am glad to have found this website and look forward to constant usage in the future.

Now, I've taken multiple versions of the MBTI and have come away somewhat confused. Sometimes I type as INFP, other times as INFJ, and sometimes as ISFJ or ISFP. So you could say that I am most likely an introvert and a feeler.

Here is a list of clues for you to piece together:

1. My hobbies include writing short stories, poems, and lyrics, listening to music, playing old video games, doodling, and reading.

2. I act quite obnoxiously around my best friends but clam up around most other people other than the members of my immediate family.

3. I'm usually laid back, but when someone does or says something I don't agree with, I make sure I let them know that they should stop carrying on in such a manner.

4. I spend a lot of my free time just daydreaming about the fantasy and science fiction genres. I'm also a classic Walter Mitty: I like to imagine myself as being famous and as going on big adventures.

5. I love words. I spend a lot of time reading the dictionary, "capturing" new words.

6. I live to bring concinnity to the world around me. That means weaving peace between people and educating them about different cultures.

7. I'm a disorganized perfectionist.

8. I'm a real stickler for correct spelling and grammar.

That's all I can really think of right now. You'd just have to get to know me better if you wanted to find out more.
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