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Hello !

I'm one of those who keeps changing my type, despite the fact that I've been deeply interested in the MBTI (and the Enneagram) for 10 years now! I think I manage to "type" my friends quite well, but it's more complicated for me. Sometimes, I finally stop on a type and am almost reassured, but it only takes a few minutes, hours, days or months to question everything. I went through the INFJ (who doesn't want to be rare!), INTJ, ISFP, ENFJ, INTP...

I admit that I rarely saw myself as an S, but maybe that's because they tend to be described as lacking imagination.

I am sharing with you a part of my self-analysis (and my sometimes strange behaviors...) to know if you would know better than me how to extract my type. I have tried to classify my statements to make it easier to read, but I am aware that some of them may belong to different preferences and types.

To begin with, I'm not sure how to introduce myself, because I don't know which type I want you to associate me with ahah ; ).

Let's go (Who will make it to the end? 😅) :

I🧘 / E🥳
  • Hosting gatherings of friends sometimes.
  • I like to play games and I like competition enough. I don't like to lose too much.
  • I like to have my own time, but don't always manage it. I am never bored alone. I can spend a lot of time introspecting and reading about the MBTI for example!
  • At parties, I sometimes isolate myself in the bathroom to regain energy. But when I'm out, I know how to be at my best and be a clown!
  • I like to make jokes, sometimes a little outside of "what's done".
  • I need my independence and not to depend on others.
  • I like to be on my own.

S🏄 / N🔮
  • I'm a composer, musician, actor and director. (I have a research master's degree in Musicology and another in Digital Arts and Technologies). I was pretty good at school, but I couldn't wait for it to end so I could be free with my time and pursuits!
  • My music sometimes comes from my dreams.
  • I would like to have more recognition in what I do, to be able to earn a better living.
  • I can sit for days on end thinking, working, but I love sports. Almost by impulse. I am good at sports (I won competitions).
  • I love extreme sports, strong sensations. I surf, snowboard, skate, I would like to paraglide...
  • I like to measure things (especially the time to do things). But I don't always use it afterwards.
  • I like animals, I sometimes feel like I can communicate with them a little bit (I have been a vegetarian for 17 years).
  • I like to get the big picture before I get into the details. That's what I used to criticize history teachers for, by the way.
  • I love textures (I touch everything) and smells (I almost studied perfume design, I liked the combination of chemistry and creation) but I don't remember the names of trees, mushrooms... and I don't like gardening. I have never liked drawing much either. I am rather tactile with those I know.
  • I do well with technology (I am the referent in my family) and I like it.
  • I like to optimize space and time for my actions. I can spend time thinking and when I do, I move fast.
  • I live in a tiny house that I designed myself, I also made the whole interior. I had to learn many skills (insulation, plumbing, electricity, carpentry.....) because according to me (or what my father said about me) I am not very good with my hands.
  • I really enjoy learning new things.
  • I love to make things beautiful.
  • Sometimes people say that I am clumsy.
  • I like to follow the instructions when I build something, cook, get a new object...
  • I can't stop running when I go from point A to point B. (which may seem strange when I am on the street...)
  • My hands hurt when it stays wet for too long or when they are dry from dirt for example.
  • I prefer to talk about things and systems rather than people (I lose my patience inside, when it's too much gossip...)

F❤ / T🧠
  • I like logic, but not pure, I like it when there is a connection to psychology.
  • I'm rather gentle and kind.
  • I like games like poker for example, because it mixes psychology and probabilities. I think I like the risk (of losing everything or winning a lot) and the adrenaline associated with it too. I think I like to read other people's minds too.
  • I like to try to understand how I and others work so I can act as efficiently as possible or without doing harm.
  • I sometimes like to rationalize life. Dissecting it to try to understand it. I have already analyzed every minute of my day for example to see how much time the smallest daily action took me, what I spent my days on...
  • I would like to write a practical guide to life (that would talk about things that are not talked about in school but that are essential: sleep, nutrition, organization, communication, personal development...)
  • I have patience with others when they tell me about their problems, I try to help them, but I want to go back to doing my chores after a while anyway.
  • I have a hard time saying no, but I'm learning over the last few years.
  • I'm fused with the one I love and I'm always making up some kind of language (a little silly from the outside) with her.
  • I have a hard time crying, showing my feelings. I cry more easily in front of something beautiful, a movie, a children's choir... When I'm very sad, I feel like I'm drowning inside.
  • I try to be really good at whatever I need to do. The hardest thing is cronyism, networking, selling myself... I always prefer to do things myself.
  • I'm not very good at face painting.
  • I don't like small talk, even though I sometimes try to do it and do it well to fit in or help a loved one.
  • I do more talking than I do talking. I like parties with friends but I don't like going to bars for fun.
  • I don't like debates and don't always express myself very clearly.
  • I hate conflict.
  • I can be stubborn, persevering when I have something in mind.
  • I used to like video games a lot (as a child and as a teenager) but since I'm 18, I tend to think that it's a waste of time for my projects so I don't play them anymore.
  • I like to make others laugh, and can dare to do a lot of things to do so with a crazy streak.
  • I take notes on everything I read and love to read nonfiction to dig deeper into topics, learn new things...

P📡 / J⚖
  • I like to be organized, to format, to make things look nice to present. But I sometimes have a hard time getting into pure action and can get into it at the last minute. Stimulating but also very stressful. [For example, I handed in my second Digital Arts and Technologies thesis the night before my defense! :/]
  • I am orderly, whether it is in my house or on my computer. I like to classify things.
  • Very efficient by impulse. But sometimes it takes me a while to get going.
  • I know how to behave socially but sometimes I do weird things in front of others (stretching...). I am aware of social norms, but often find them arbitrary.
  • I like to optimize. Not always to do more but to leave room for something else. Time and space.
  • I like to arrive right on time. I don't like to wait, nor to be waited for.
  • People say I am a perfectionist. It's true that whatever I decide to do, I want to do it really well.
  • Sometimes I spend a lot of time (too much?) on details when I compose, when I choose a color...
  • I feel like I know how to have a balanced life and be the happiest I can be (from my research), but I don't always manage to do it.

I could go on and on, but you may have some material already. I'm also thinking that as long as I have things left to write to you to describe myself, I won't know if I can stick to your future answer ahah (maybe it gives you some more info...).

🙏 Thanks for everything, anyway, and looking forward to continuing to read you! I'm very open to questions !

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I may come back this to explain my conclusion with the level of detail that does justice to the level of detail you provided in your description. As an overview, I am relatively confident that you're an INTP - I have many in my life, including my partner, and I don't see a single thing in our description that would oppose this conclusion.

On another note, it is not the most helpful strategy to type yourself (or ask other to type yourself) based on dichotomies alone - it is much more insightful and helpful to know about the extraverted or introverted charge of each of the functions you may identify with.

E.g. the INTP stack is Ti>Ne>Si>Fe, but be wary of making quick decisions based on typical description of these functions in these positions on the internet - you sound like a quite a well-developed INTP who consistently works of those potential weaknesses and approaches them from the point of view of integrity, so they may not apply to you to the same extent.

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Hey Maryia_V! Thanks a lot for your comment. Indeed, it may be possible that I'm a INTP, but I have the feeling that it doesn't fit well to my extreme sports activities and my taste for adventure: travelling alone in the national parks in the USA for 1 month, sleeping in the car for 2 weeks in the middle of winter in Lapland (-35°C)... 🤔 I don't do it everyday, but I really feel alive this way !

Sure, I will try to share my thoughts related to functions, indeed, it is more relevant.

I have read that dom Fi's are most likely to feel like they could belong to almost any type. I had noted this function in dom or aux for myself.
I don't talk much about my feelings and feel like I have trouble showing them sometimes. I cry more easily for aesthetics than when I am deeply sad. My girlfriend needs to share her feelings all the time, to express them, (is it Fe?), I'm really not like that.

I listed my relationship to textures because I feel like it's pretty strange (at least it often calls out to people around me). I often need to touch things (it's very hard for me to resist the discovery of a texture, no matter how basic). And I don't know if my hand sensitivity with water or earth is related. I can't figure out if it's due to a developed Se or on the contrary that could be inf...

For P/J, I still have difficulty to know. I have the impression that I am rather organized compared to some friends, that I like to make charts, plans, to classify my knowledge (I have a digital library containing all the movies, books I read, containing my research on the themes that are dear to me...). But I also have the impression that I do this to make my daily life beautiful and rationalized... I often make plans, I schedule things a bit, but I have trouble meeting deadlines, I often get around to it at the last minute. I am very much less rigid than my girlfriend on this point and I like flexibility. In short, I'm still a bit confused about this preference.

Besides, I have the impression to be Ni (need to see the global before the details, understand why, unify, difficult to verbalize my thoughts...).

Thanks for this first feedback anyway! I will continue to feed the research and am grateful for your help! If you want to continue to react, it's a pleasure to read you!
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