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Weird question but...

It's my dream to make cool isometric video games one day. Like Arcanum, or the newer Pillars of Eternity, Disco Elysium etc...However, I can't do everything myself. I know my way around unity, I have a bunch of cool/original ideas that may neeed more people to refine it, and I'm fairly good/decent with digital art, but no expert. I can code some stuff, and know how animation works to a specific degree but am no expert. I'd need at least 1 or 2 more artists, preferably better or on the same level as me for now, and at least 1 coder, and someone who can make intro animations and such....I already have someone who would willingly work on the music, and is really good at it.

...I wouldn't recommend just anyone in, since it's gonna be a journey, and we get payed at the end of it (tho we may also use Kickstarter once we have enough to show off) but if you're currently unemployed, or just would love to do this during some spare time, do consider it at least. If you are interested, I can send some ideas and showed the work I've done thus far, and so on.


*Unity can work in collab, so dw.
*We should all have access to see how much the game or kickstarter made, and figure out how much to pay who, depending on..what we'd all agree on from the start.

Asking is worth a shot, thought it wouldn't hurt. Who knows.Would rather not wander what if I never did.
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