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For seven years I identified as--and was basically satisfied with-- INTJ, which is what Humanmetrics gave me as my personality type when I took the long test.

This past year, however, I've gotten INTP almost as often: On 16Personalities; on Hello Quizzy; and on various other online tests.

I always get INFJ on the Keys 2 Cognition test.

Socionics result: 1Ni - INTp.

Enneagram gives me 4w5; 5w6 or 5w4.

I add "1" myself, though I've only got that once in an actual Enneagram test--when I took a test inside a Riso/Hudson book.


My results for this test:

Your test result is:

You generally take an Introverted (I) approach to life.

Your preferred mode of perception is Intuition (N).

It is not clear (“x”) whether you rely more on Thinking (T) or Feeling (F) to make judgments.

You typically show your Judging (J) side to the world.

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