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Would you descrease % in some of your good qualities to increase % in some others?

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I might.

Maybe I'd like to decrease just 20% from my quality of 'patience' to get 20% of 'courage' in return.

Because I sometimes hate that I'm a paradox and I spend time over analyzing my fears.

But then again, another perspective says I might not be who I am meant to be without my weaknesses.
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at first thought my reaction is No.

My reason is, how can I know they're a better person if i'm suddenly less of a better person. in the black and white world of percentages, there's still the same amount of good if you will. I'd much rather use my "good qualities" (which everyone has different idea's of what that is anyways) to try to improve others instead of just givinng it away willy nilly, that way increasing the over all good qualities
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Fuck yeah, mastering anything always bores me. I like to acquire new skills and talents way more than I like being "way too friggin good" at anything.
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