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Anyone with even a passing interest in pro wrestling, what would you type some of the top wrestlers gimmicks/characters, or any wrestlers for that matter? I think typing wrestler characters is an interesting activity due to their larger than life personalities. For example, my guesses would be:

Bret Hart - INTP (This is an interesting one to me. I think he seems like and INTP in and out of character. Many would have said he over thought his career/booking and he comes across as somewhat distant and stoic in interviews. Maybe a developed Fe in later life led to him mending the fences with the WWE, he seems a bit more sentimental nowadays. Also he said he used to plan his matches for hours in advance using wrestling dolls, sounds very INTP'ish.)

Chris Jericho (Honest Man) - INTP (couldn't understand people's irrationality regarding support for Shawn Michaels in spite of his immoral actions.)

Chris Jericho (Y2J) - ENFP

HHH (Authority figure) - ENTJ (suppressed introverted feeling allows him to do "what's best for business" even if it means acting heinously)

The Rock - ESFP? Maybe ESTP.

Stone Cold - ISTP

CM Punk - ENTP. (Definite ISTP out of character.)

John Cena - ESFJ?

Brock Lesnar - ESTP/ISTP

Batista - Definite ESTP

Daniel Bryan - ENFP?

Sheamus - ESTP



Undertaker - INTJ/ISTP

Kane - INTJ

Seth Rollins - Very arrogant ENTJ

Big Show (As a member of the Authority) - ESTJ

Bray Wyatt - INTJ?

Roman Reigns - ESTP, I'm thinking of how he laughed while taking a beating from Lesnar.

Goldust ISFP

Jeff Hardy - ISFP

Edge (as the ultimate opportunist) - ENTJ

Edge (As Rated R Superstar) - ESTP

Mr. Perfect - ENTP?

Macho Man - Ixxx (anyone?)

Goldberg - ISTP

Randy Orton - xSTP

Hulk Hogan - ESFJ

Hollywood Hogan (NWO) - ENTJ

Ric Flair - Possible ESTP

Rey Mysterio - ESFJ

Dean Malenko (The Iceman) - INTx

Sting (1997 crow gimmick) - Ixxx (anyone?)

Roddy Piper - ESTP

Rusev - Patriotic ESTJ

Chris Benoit - ISTP

Kurt Angle - ENFJ (See a lot of Fe with him)

Scott Steiner - ESTP

Eddie Guerrero - ESxP

Finlay - ISTJ

William Regal - ISTJ

Kevin Nash - ENTx

Obviously this is all very open to interpretation and I wouldn't be confident of any of these, so any of your own guesses, along with trying to fill in my x's would be most welcome.

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Chris Jericho - ESFP 7w6 so/sp

HHH - ENTJ 8w9 sx/sp

The Rock - ESTP 3w2 so/sp

Stone Cold - ISTP 8w7 sp/sx

CM Punk - ISTP 6w5 sp/sx

John Cena - ESTJ 3w2 so/sp

Brock Lesnar - ISTJ 3w4 sp/so

Batista - ENTJ 8w9 sx/so

Daniel Bryan - ISFJ 6w5 so/sx

Sheamus - ISTJ 3w4 sp/so

JBL - ESTJ 8w7 sp/so

HBK - ESFJ 3w4 sx/so

Bret Hart: ISFP 4w5 sp/so

Undertaker - ISTP 8w9 sp/sx

Kane - ISTP

Seth Rollins - ISTP 9w8 sx/so

Big Show - ESTJ 6w7 so/sx

Bray Wyatt - ISFJ 6w5 so/sp

Roman Reigns - ISFP 3w4 sx/sp

Goldust - INFP 4w3 sx/sp

Jeff Hardy - ISFP 4w5 sx/sp

Edge - ESTP 6w7 sx/sp

Christian - ISFJ 6w7 sx/sp

Macho Man - ESTJ 8w9 sx/so R.I.P

Goldberg - ISTJ 3w2 sp/so

Randy Orton - ISFP 3w4 sx/so

Hulk Hogan - ESTJ 3w2 sx/so

Ric Flair - ESFJ 7w8 sx/so

Rey Mysterio - ISFP 2w3 sx/so

Sting - INFJ 2w3 so/sx

Ultimate Warrior - INTJ 8w7 sx/sp

Roddy Piper - ESTP 8w7 sp/sx

Chris Benoit - ISTJ 1w9 sp/so R.I.P

Kurt Angle - ISFJ 8w9 so/sx

Scott Steiner - ESTJ 1w2 sx/so

Eddie Guerrero - ENFJ 7w8 so/sp R.I.P

Kevin Nash - ENTJ 7w6 sp/sx

Andre the Giant - INFP 8w9 so/sx


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Bret Hart - ISFJ

Chris Jericho - ESFP

Triple H - ISTJ

The Rock - ESTP

Stone Cold - ESTP

CM Punk - INFP

John Cena - ESFP

Brock Lesnar - ESFP

Batista - ESTP



Randy Savage - ESFP

Randy Orton - ENFJ

Chris Benoit - ISTJ

Kurt Angle - ISFJ

Jeff Hardy - ISFP

Rey Mysterio - ISFP

Roddy Piper - ESTP

Edge - ESTP

Christian - INFJ

Sting - INFJ

Eddie Guerrero - INFJ

Booker T - ESFJ

Rob Van Dam - ESFJ

Seth Rollins - ENTJ

Kevin Nash - ENTJ

A.J Styles - ENTJ

Samoa Joe - ENTJ
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