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Write A Letter To The Person Above You

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You're a sweetheart. Who would guess we're both INFJs and 9w1s but then that's part of the wonder and mystery and interest with MBTI: No two alike, so give up the cloning idea; so boring. :p

And thank you; yeah, it's too much right now... And it's thundering, so another storm is here, and probably gonna gain strength. My husband would come in--he's at his church rehearsing with the rest of The Worship Team for some kind of local gig, and say, concerned, "Turn off the computer!" But now, I mean? Who knows...

I'm glad I got to know you, and I still smile sometimes remembering you calling for @confused girl28 when I wrote something that sounded too bizarre coming from someone new and untried, i.e. is that BranchMonkey serious, insane or, "Help!" :redcard:

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