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I feel fortunate tonight, and I think I have a blind spot for all the good in my life from the mundane to the extraordinary, e.g. food, shelter, safety... an ease with so many people especially children from, oh, four through teen years (especially teen boys--we click; that's it).

And then my marriage... 29 years together, 24 as husband and wife--liking, loving, being loyal, so much laughter, consistently on each other's side or side-by-side as we struggle...

And my three rats: Pickles meant to be snake food who is over two now, so much happiness because of my research, nursing, care--but especially for getting her out of the pet store snake bin... and the twins, Beezus and Zanona, socialized too late but so happy with us.

And all the body parts that work... while I focus too often, overly much on those that are diseased and cause me pain, because hey, aging happens, it's natural--doesn't feel great but it's a part of life, as is death.

And I may be poor by most American standards--certainly by middle-class and upper-middle ones, but all over the world, and even in America, there are people who are crippled by diseases and they cannot get braces (as I am waiting to afford) ever. They go through life hobbled, in constant pain, bowed down by the burden, and so many don't complain because it would do no good:

I know because I grew up with and surrounded by them.

I feel ashamed of myself right now--in a good way, a growing way:

Up... Growing up takes most of us a life time, and I am no exception to this.
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