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I can not explain in words just how depressing it is constantly seeing people hating themselves for who they are not rather than loving and embracing who they are and CAN BE. With that being said, reminding us of who we are is an incredibly simple way of gaining a little self-esteem. And most of us could use a little more 'steem in our lives. So, name your 3 favorite things about yourself. Ill start;

1. I am emotionally mature and secure. I know that if today or tomorrow or whenever i decide to _______, it will make me feel ________ in turn, unless _________ happens, in which case i will feel________ or _________ or both. So i will have to focus on feeling ________ to reciprocate... That kind of thing.

2. I am viciously independent but have a strong, moral interest in helping people that i consciously externalize. This gives me a fulfilled feeling in the authenticity department and i digs me some authenticity. I also digs making people smile and i want to do it as much as i literally can.

3. I love unconditionally. And i want to help and inspire people to be great, and to be the people that they can be, as much as i can before i die. Thats the goal.

Lets hear yours!

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1. Usually fair or reasonable and give the benefit of the doubt. You really have to do some fucked up shit to get on my shit List even then I don't tend to keep people there. I tend to be able to I guess try and assess the cause and effect and factor both from the side of reason & some compassion usually fairly well.

2. I guess I like my versatility
I can recognize I am able to shift, learn, and acclimate
Not really a specialist
But multi talented

3. My sense of accountability. All I mean is given reflection or insight I tend to acknowledge and take responsibility to try and be honest with situations and sticking to the principles of the matter. If I know I fuck up I tend to accept and assess. I care about trying to not just assess others fair but holding myself to the standard I hold others

4. Yeah I cheated added a number
I tend to assist and help people to a fault. Really it probably will be the death of me. But hey at least I will know I did not die in vain. Both good and bad trait. Learning to rechannel energy and preserve is hard for me always has been.

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My massive arrogance
My massive ego
My massive :)

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1. It may not look like it at first, but I am very determined. I think my determination is what defines me best, and "determined" is what I'd say if I had to choose only one adjective to describe myself. I like it because it pushes me forward in life, it makes me keep trying and trying and succeed at the end when I'm really interested in something.

2. I may not be the most empathetic person around, but I'm pretty good at understanding what other people are feeling; I've rarely been wrong about it before.

3. My resourcefulness; even in the most difficult situation, I always manage to find a way to make it through, or to strongly limit the damages.
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