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Wrong ideals

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Hello INFPs,

I did a Myers-Briggs personality thingy and came out INFP. Made me feel pretty good about myself and sometimes still does.

But today I came here to ask you for help:sad:.
I am a rather idealistic person... and I think I was led to believe in the wrong ideals. I put a lot work, time and effort and also a lot of emotions into pushing some political ideals that I now do not believe in any more... actually "do not believe in anymore" is an understatement, for I now think those ideals are dangerous for the world.

I did not want to belive in the wrong kind of things again, so I tried having no ideals at all... did not work out. It left me feeling empty and useless.
I am also feeling very bad about myself for pushing the wrong kind of ideals. I even lied to do so. Well, I did not feel bad about me then. I thought I was aiding humanity, but now I do feel bad about me and think I am a failure and worthless.

I just thought you might understand.
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Hi, I hope you don't mind if I speak my mind on this matter. Me, I'm an INTP but only just so I know about the anguish you torment yourself with. This is my take on what you've said. I'm not an expert or qualified in any way that gives real gravitas to your issue but I am honest and my thoughts are time spent.

The F in me helps me understand you but the T in me has helped me deal with it, not that INTPs have the answer to everything by any means.

Einstein said it best when he said " a man should look for what is and not for what could be". Obviously, the word 'man' is fairly substituted, these days, by 'person'; the meaning is the same.

1. I think idealism is a kind of selfishness; anything else is wrong!
2. we must not confuse the ideal with the right; they are often different.
3. There is no such thing as a straight line; stop looking for it.
4. Being fluid is a way to survive but being rudderless is suicide.

All very vague and maybe interesting but for what it's worth, the best tip I ever had from my F point of view is.............

Give yourself time for the impulses to subside and normalise. Give yourself time to adjust and don't be too impatient with your imperfections; you probably have fewer than you think. Just treat yourself as though you were your best friend; you'll be fine but above all...........................PAUSE.

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