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Wrong ideals

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Hello INFPs,

I did a Myers-Briggs personality thingy and came out INFP. Made me feel pretty good about myself and sometimes still does.

But today I came here to ask you for help:sad:.
I am a rather idealistic person... and I think I was led to believe in the wrong ideals. I put a lot work, time and effort and also a lot of emotions into pushing some political ideals that I now do not believe in any more... actually "do not believe in anymore" is an understatement, for I now think those ideals are dangerous for the world.

I did not want to belive in the wrong kind of things again, so I tried having no ideals at all... did not work out. It left me feeling empty and useless.
I am also feeling very bad about myself for pushing the wrong kind of ideals. I even lied to do so. Well, I did not feel bad about me then. I thought I was aiding humanity, but now I do feel bad about me and think I am a failure and worthless.

I just thought you might understand.
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Why is the pastor driving a Mercedes when he doesn't have a job? Why are women flirting with the pastor and talking bad about each other? Why did the pastor say everyone MUST contribute $100 next Sunday? Why are people clapping for that? LOL!
You should do stand-up comedy, LOL. With all do respect for people who have faith, I can see faith disconnected from religion (the not brainwashed part).

I really like the replies here, and I want to add that following one political party is not our thing because we are very authentic. Nothing more, nothing less. If politics were made up of subjects instead of parties then INFP's would excel for sure. We and I believe society, is not being treated correctly because politics should not be about political parties (unless they involve drinks, dancing and social thingies), politics should be about subjects that have been brought forward by ideas, science, observations, etc.

What we really want in the Western world is to be free from power-addicted politicians and their political parties and to make macro-economic decisions based on society instead of power. We actually don't want the national borders anymore even, I dare to say. We want to see a region where one can live and breathe without having to think of working on things that make no sense at all.

Okay I've had a long day I need to sleep :D
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